Xbox 360 Revamps Its Experience
15 Jul 2008

Xbox 360 Revamps Its Experience

15 Jul 2008

Yesterday, the Xbox 360 team announced that their target product would be undergoing a face-lift and some noticeable experience enhancements. Of particular interest are the new dashboard and avatars; the latter which will be fully integrated in other Xbox LIVE gaming and future products.

The dashboard surfaces the key navigation as in previous versions, but is a lot more visual. This seems in keeping with being an entertainment device, and I think it’s definitely more appealing and fitting for the television. You can judge for yourself:

Xbox 360 Dashboard

Xbox 360 Dashboard has more photos and commentary. Also, check out a more detailed writeup on

Beyond the user interface changes, Microsoft also revealed the new features and enhancements, including the new Netflix portal:

Netflix on Xbox 360

Netflix on Xbox 360

All these changes are going to be rolled out to everyone – this one is not optional, so it’ll be interesting to see what the reception is from those that matter the most – the customers. Overall, I think this is a good move and a warranted change and I look forward to seeing the final product (particularly to see what they do with all those ads that are conveniently absent from all the screenshots).

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  1. lilROB771 May 11th, 2009 5:38AM

    defooo this looks good

  2. irvine September 23rd, 2010 2:42AM

    this look gr8 make a gr8 change from the one atm


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