03 Jun 2008

Windows UX Taskforce: Why Didn’t Microsoft Think of It?

03 Jun 2008

Microsoft toots a vastly improved user experience as the cornerstone of Windows Vista. One look at the software maker’s marketing or Vista packaging reveals this constant, droning message; it almost seems that Microsoft tried to stuff all marketing collateral with the maximum number of various ways to say ‘easy’. Indeed, even the packaging was designed to be user-friendly according to Nick White, a Product Manager on the Windows Vista team.

Despite Microsoft’s best efforts to make Vista a paragon of good user experience, they seem to have failed in the eyes of many customers. Users complain about innumerable issues from bad design, to bugs, to incompatibilities. Well, one young college student from Australia has set out to do something about this. He has created a forum for Vista users to submit and vote up user experience issues with the software. The site is called the Windows UX Taskforce, shown below.

Users can submit issues with the Vista user experience along with screen shots. The community votes on which issues are most pressing, comments on them, and so forth. Like most great ideas, Long Zheng’s Windows UX Taskforce website is so obvious it makes one smack one’s forehead and exclaim, “Why didn’t anyone think of this before?!” Every software maker should have a forum like this to gather feedback from their customers.

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