Social Brands and People
16 Jun 2010

Social Brands and People

16 Jun 2010

Consumer behavior has certainly changed in recent times, and the way we interact with brands in increasingly becoming more intimate and familiar. I’m sure a few years ago we would not have thought that we would be “friends” with (or fans receiving daily updates from) our favorite soda or restaurant.

The Nielsen Consumer 360 Conference has illuminated many of these changes over the past 3 days. Video excerpts for the talks are up on the conference website and YouTube. Here are a couple that I found particularly interesting:

Here are a some other social media facts:

“Nearly six in ten online consumers (58%) say they start their day by checking email, whereas 20% head straight to search engine sites and 11% check in with Facebook

“Facebook-First Consumers […] tend to become fans of brands for entertainment purposes, or to show support for brands, but not to obtain deals”

– ExactTarget study via Most Americans Wake Up to Email

There are countless social media infographics and statistics (which I encourage you to share in the comments) but the truth is plain: social media sites are changing how we engage with each other, the world, and organizations.

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