Should Facebook Fully Launch Its New User Experience Design?
16 Sep 2008

Should Facebook Fully Launch Its New User Experience Design?

16 Sep 2008

It is a good thing that Facebook is slowly rolling out their new design; they might have had another huge revolt on their hands if they just threw it on their users. However, despite easing users into the new version, there is still a significant number of users that dislike the new experience and refuse to accept it. At latest count, almost 40% were still using the old version and many of them are adamant about keeping it that way. There are numerous groups on Facebook whose members are voicing their displeasure with the new design.

The big question remains: should Facebook fully launch the new design given that a large portion of their users refuse to adopt it? It is certainly a tough decision to throw away a major redesign after so much time, effort, and money has gone into it, but it might be worth it to start from scratch.

Doubtless, Facebook will lose some users in the transition, but it is also a matter of how many and how the new user experience design will affect remaining users. For example, even if they lose one out of ten users but increase the interaction level (time on site, clicks, etc.) of the remaining nine by 20%, that is still a huge gain.

It is impossible to please everyone, but is pleasing 60% of users enough to get the green light? What do you think, should Facebook try again or proceed with the new user experience design?

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  1. Sue September 17th, 2008 3:13PM

    I think Facebook is doing the right thing. The 40% may come around. They should probably keep incorporating changes to the new design based on feedback that they’re getting. If they do this before they fully launch the new version it may settle some of the disgruntled.

    Like you said, you can’t please everyone.. I personally like what they’ve done 🙂


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