Pay Attention to Universal Design
01 Jul 2008

Pay Attention to Universal Design

01 Jul 2008

Beth Tauke of recently posted a pretty complete article on universal design’s rising momentum in the global marketplace. Admittedly, universal design has been around for over twenty years, but as the writer points out:

“Recently, universal design has been cropping up in places in which it would have been unwelcome twenty years ago. The term is now peppered throughout design firm websites, product websites, and design magazines….”

The article cites various reasons for this shift, including:

  1. World demographics are changing
  2. World economics are changing
  3. More societies throughout the world are valuing human diversity
  4. Major corporations are developing ad campaigns that foster ease of use and inclusion
  5. Mass customization is making it easier to develop universally designed solutions

It’s great to see that universal design is gathering more traction, but surprising to me that it took so long. This is often the perspective taken with many advancing social changes which this is for many. As more and more agencies and governments push accessibility as the law and companies recognize the advantages of designing for all, among the other factors mentioned in the article, universal design may finally become a fixed standard that everyone needs to fulfill.

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