Innovation Weekly
12 Sep 2017

Innovation Weekly

12 Sep 2017

This is the beginning of a weekly series of Boom Factor’s top picks in conversations on innovation.

Overcoming Innovation’s Roadblocks: Poor Prioritization by Nick Partridge

This article is the first part in a multi-part series for LPK Lab’s Roadblocks to Innovation, a set of tool in the form of a deck of cards that helps teams anticipate the leading project pitfalls and overcome organizational barriers. The article provides four simple steps that will help readers power through indecision. The author also provides a downloadable matrix that will help the process of prioritization, ideation, and decision making.

10 Deadly Sins of Corporate Innovation by Sergio Paluch

In this long format article, Sergio Paluch outlines what makes or breaks corporate innovation. He explained ten of the most common pitfalls that corporate–established companies and organizations–usually face in the path to innovation. It captures the struggle of leading a product innovation project from ideation to product-market fit, and the mistakes one should avoid during this journey. All in all, this long form article is worth reading, and it will surely strike a chord with those who are into the world of startups, innovation, and product management.

Government Innovations: Past, Present, and Future by Phil McKinney

Some may argue that government and innovation is like oil and water. The public sector is synonymous with rules and regulations, and long-winding red tape. However, Phil McKinney made a compelling argument in this article by stating that the government was, has been, and will always be at the forefront that spurs innovation. The article points out that policies set out by POTUS has been instrumental in determining the path of innovation in the US. Some influential presidents are mentioned in the article, including Woodrow Wilson who was key in aviation innovation, President Nixon who saw the need for the US to invest heavily in national defense, George W. Bush who ‘popularized’ LED lights, and President Trump who deliberately set up a department of innovation within the White House. In closing, the article explained some of the challenges which are likely faced by future administrations.

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