Google to Release a New Browser: Chrome
02 Sep 2008

Google to Release a New Browser: Chrome

02 Sep 2008

Google announced in a nifty way its new, soon-to-be-released open source browser, Chrome. Frankly, I am really looking forward to it based on the description they presented. It is clearly both an evolution of Mozilla’s own product, and a complete innovation. Google, staying true to their revolutionary core, threw away practically every existing model to create a browser that promises to solve current problems of performance and stability, and improve the user experience.

The Chrome team sums up the problem aptly:

The Problem

Chrome promises innovation on many fronts including:

  • a browser primarily tailored to web applications and processor-intensive sites
  • faster multi-processing that follows the infrastructure of operating systems
    independent tabs (one tab crashing doesn’t crash the entire browser)
  • a brand new Javascript virtual machine: V8
  • an improved UI where each tab independent has its own controls and URL box (the Omni Box)
    auto-completion tailored to what the user has explicitly visited/typed
  • a new default tab that contains the user’s most visited sites (and a privacy mode of course)
    better malware protection and security (only plugins pose a slight risk)

The user interface builds on existing tab paradigms but introduces more independence. Of the “Omnibox,” the team writes:

“The Omnibox handles far more than just ULS. It also offers suggestions for searches, top pages you’ve visited before, pages you haven’t visited but are popular and more”

Further, the comic explains some of the motivation behind the interface as:

“We don’t want to interrupt anything the user is trying to do. If you can just ignore the browser, we’ve done a good job.”

The concept seems very intriguing and I am certainly going to give this a try when it comes out (the date has still not been released). The comic offers a lot of detail, including more information on their testing procedure and other programming exploits. Many may ask, ‘so why make this open source?’ Turns out the comic answers this too:

“Google LIVES on the internet. It’s in our interest to make the internet better and without competition we have stagnation.”

So here’s to innovation, open source and more projects like this to come.

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  1. chi - Google Chrome September 26th, 2008 9:43AM

    I think the design of chrome is innovative. It’s sleek and ads to the user experience. I found IE much better designed than FF though it attracts viruses. I think Chrome steals a bit of the usability away from IE. This post is being made with Firefox by the way.


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