Facebook Releases Its Redesign
21 Jul 2008

Facebook Releases Its Redesign

21 Jul 2008

Today Facebook released a refreshed design of the site which includes some interaction enhancements for scanning profiles as well as managing your own profile. You can try out the new look at: www.new.facebook.com.

The element I applaud the most is the prominence now given to the Wall. This is a great move, considering the stickiness of this feature as well as the ever-changing nature of this element. It is also spectacular that users are allowed to try out the design to ease the transition (see our previous post on Dealing with Radical User Experience Redesigns).

However, it does feel a bit strange that the Wall has been integrated with the mini-feed. I can understand some of the logic behind this: they both show recent activity to a certain extent and they both change constantly, but the interaction and intent of these are different enough that it does feel jolting and disjointed. I think this particularly stems from the fact that Wall posts are comments with threading whereas mini-feed items are disparate actions that don’t necessarily have continuity or the ability to comment. It is now much more difficult to parse all this information.

Check out more commentary on the new design:

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