Eyetracking: Is It Worth It
19 Oct 2009

Eyetracking: Is It Worth It

19 Oct 2009

Jim Ross posted an excellent article on UX Matters describing the good and bad of eye tracking studies, entitled Eyetracking: Is It Worth It. Ross clearly itemizes the positives and negatives, expelling myths about eyetracking’s ability to answer all issues and expose full meaning of the user’s actions

Ross states that eyetracking helps to solve issues, including:

  • why participants had problems performing a task
  • where participants expected to find certain elements
  • whether participants noticed a particular element […]
  • whether elements are distracting in a negative way […]

And, summarizes:

If you know how to use eyetracking effectively, it can provide additional insights to usability testing that can help you find problems and answer questions about user behavior. Eyetracking is not essential to usability testing, but if you can afford it and have the time to learn how to use it effectively, it is definitely worth it.


Read the full article at UX Matters

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