Dimensions of Compelling Mobile Experiences
27 Mar 2009

Dimensions of Compelling Mobile Experiences

27 Mar 2009

Dave Zuverink, a Senior User Research Specialist on Adobe XD’s Mobile and Devices team, wrote a compelling article on the five dimensions of successful mobile application experiences. He lists:

  1. Core: the fundamentals which support the principle “form follows function”
  2. Social: taking advantage of the platform’s intrinsic communication focus
  3. Contextual: being aware of physical location (also, based on comments in the article, other applications)
  4. Cloud: back-up and optimization
  5. Multi-screen: functioning across multiple devices

Thinking of the user’s experience in these dimensions can bring a much more cohesive and useful experience, which I agree will be much more compelling. Of course, each of these elements can be broken down even further, and I think the contextual piece is extremely important.

Looking back at some examples of good mobile design and most visited sites on the mobile web, I can see many of these elements coming though: particularly around social, contextual, and cloud. Multi-screen seems to require the most advancement and attention industry-wide.

Zuverink summarizes well saying, “not all applications need to have all these aspects to be successful, but considering these dimensions may just spark the idea that makes your application great.”

via: Putting People First

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