Amazon Kindle Customer Experience Review

Mark Hurst of Good Experience writes an excellent review of Amazon’s Kindle product, which was released a few months ago. Among the pros, he cites:

  1. Easy pagination
  2. Fast delivery of books

Cons mentioned include:

  1. Sub-par search capabilities
  2. Unclear upload tool
  3. Awkward button design (beyond “NEXT PAGE” and “PREV PAGE”)
  4. Illogical pricing models, particularly for internet content
  5. Disappointing out-of-the-box experience (no content pre-loaded after spending $300)

Despite the length of the con list, Hurst does support the potential of the product, saying “the Kindle is fairly good, and it’s bound to improve. With several fixes to its customer experience, this little device could become (or remain) the leading platform for reading ebooks for many years to come.” I hope that this product lives up to its potential, and builds upon its great start.

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