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A Startup For Hire
by becoming experts in your market
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The Challenge Section

The Challenge

The corporate way to innovate is broken

Products are envisioned from graphs and spreadsheets. Weeks are wasted debating whether Ibiza Blue is better than French Blue. When these “perfect” products finally launch, they fail to resonate with customers and are either pulled completely or put on costly life support.

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The Solution Section

The Solution

The startup way is the answer

Startups aim to build viable businesses, not just products. They get out of the building and listen to customers. Driven by vision rather than consensus, startups focus on perfecting two or three features that will stand out in the market. They launch early and then iteratively perfect their product based on actual usage, not theories.

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Why Us Section

Why Us

Our project teams are mini startups

Our startup team gets out and talks to as many people as possible to understand the challenge better than anyone. This allows them to quickly launch a standout MVP that resonates. Then, rather than patting themselves on their backs, they keep iterating until they find product-market fit. Once they have built a viable business, they turn the reins over to you.

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Our Clients Include

Fair Trade USA

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